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Since I have a background as a Visual Basic developer I was extremely happy when Microsoft released the scripting engine for Windows. Since it was released I used VBScripts to solve various problems and to eliminate repetitive tasks from my job.

Manipulating the registry

I use VBScripts a lot to update registry settings and then deploy them via Group Policies. Such very useful script was when I wanted to uninstall Symantec antivirus from 800+ computers because I wanted to replace it with NOD32. Recently I created another similar script, this time to remove NOD32 from 900+ computers.

Repetitive Tasks

I consider myself a very lazy person so I always try to eliminate repetitive tasks. The most useful and interesting of all is the one that I created that automatically maps a users’ computer with the printers on the same floor!! Since Server 2003 R2 there is a similar built-in functionality but I still find my solution more flexible.

Another VBScript worth mentioning is the one that creates accounts for new users from an Excel sheet and automatically creates Exchange mailbox, creates home folder and sets NTFS permissions and sets groups membership.

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